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I like the 4-bit graphics, but the icons are unintuitive and the gameplay is a too random. You hit buttons until the enemy hopefully dies. Not a lot of room for any strategic or tactical thinking.

Interesting but messy.

Had trouble wrapping my head around this. Too much visual and audible distraction for a thinking game. Maybe it's just my ADD acting up.


This is a spectacular strategy boardgame rendered in a beautiful avant garde retro style. It contains elements of both depth and aesthetics that make it an excellent alternative to the prevailing trend of "stupid games". I give it my highest recommendation.

Best of 2012

This and Ziggurat are my favorite iPad games of 2012 so far, but they satisfy different cravings. Glitch Tank is perfect for a languid play session with pals (turn-based) with ample time between turns to explain and experiment with the different mechanics. I've found that people that don't consider themselves gamers enjoy Glitch Tank as much if not moreso than computer game connoisseurs. The art direction is out of this world, you can feel the intention behind every little detail. This game was obviously made with a lot of care. Check it out!

Awesome game

This game is great if your bored and want a quick play. It's simple gameplay can get intense very fast when playing with a friend in real time mode. Worth every penny!!!

Grand chaos

Glitch Tank has elegant rules and is fun to play if you like to think, and also fun to play if you hate to think. The AI is pretty good if you don't have any friends, but the game is more enjoyable with them. In this way, the game has much in common with life.

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